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RefereeInstructionOnLine is on temporary hiatus.
All sessions are suspended until further notice.

Topic: We are working on it

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2016 RIOL Webinar Schedule

Thanks for checking in with us and welcome to Referee Instruction Online!

This website and program have been created by CalSouth USSF instructors and Assessors in Southern California who saw a need in the referee community to reach out and make education more accessible for those who cannot attend monthly meetings. We offer monthly online live classes, on-demand recordings for past sessions, and numerous resources such as the online library and links to USSF. This is a volunteer endeavor, please bear with us as we build the site. We welcome your suggestions!
Our objective is to help educate the USSF referee in an online format, primarily through educational webinars. Our focus will be on the Grade 8 Referee and their needs, particularly with respect to officiating youth matches. These webinars will qualify for the education credits required of CalSouth Grade 8, Grade 9 and all Emeritus Referees for registration each year.
On the first Monday of each month we will host live, interactive webinars open to all referees, from all states and countries and anyone interested in the topics, referee, coach, player or fan. Occasionally the session may be the second Monday depending on holidays.
We welcome cross-linking and cross-posting to other sites. We do ask for credit for the resource please.
Over time we hope to build a valuable resource for all referees. 
We welcome your comments, please submit materials or make suggestions for the upcoming sessions. To do so please email